Finlayson Punos Potholder 2 pc

$10.00 USD $16.00 USD

Collection: Finlayson

Print: Osmi Koskinen.

Description: This potholder is easy to grab. The Punos potholder’s practical, stitched groove running diagonally from corner to corner ensures a better grip and protect your hands from hot kitchenware. To us, this represents everyday design at its best.

The calm, geometric Punos arc pattern by designer Osmi Koskinen stands the test of time. The top material of the Punos potholder is 100% rib weave cotton, which is firm and fairly thick. The wadded filling is flexible and heat resistant. It contains 70% cotton and 30% polyethylene. The handy Easy Care treatment makes the fabric easier to iron after washing. Hang the Punos potholders on display by their loop. The set contains two potholders. Take a look at the other products in the series as well.

Finlayson’s potholders and oven mitts have a CE marking, which means that they have been tested for adequate protection against contact heat.

Material: 100% cotton. Stuffing is made of cotton, polyester and rayon.

Sold as a set of 2 potholders.

Care: Machine wash hot, hang-dry. 

Dimensions: 1-3/4" L x 6" W or 30 x 15 cm