Marimekko Kuiskaus Blanket

$171.00 USD $229.00 USD

Collection: Autumn/Winter 2022.

Print: Fujiwo Ishimoto. 

Material: 35% Wool, 35% Cotton, 10% Polyester, 10% Polyamide, 5% Polyester, 5% Cotton fibers.

Dimensions: 51" x 67"

Color: Grey/Off-White

Description: The Kuiskaus pattern blanket is made of a cotton and wool blend. The warm blanket has fringes on the ends. This product is made of 35% recycled wool, 35% recycled cotton, 5% recycled polyester, and 15% other recycled fibers. Fujiwo Ishimoto’s monumental Kuiskaus (whisper) pattern exudes both power and delicacy and impressively combines influences from the Japanese aesthetic and Marimekko’s print design heritage.