Lapuan Kankurit

Lapuan Kankurit Jäkälä Olive Throw / Bath Sheet

$65.00 USD $85.00 USD

Collection: Lapuan Kankurit.

Design: Saara Obele.

Material: 100% washed linen.

Description: Large towel is a perfect companion for the beach as it is fast drying and you can wrap a dry towel after every swim you take. You can also lie on this large towel and use it as a cover while dressing up after a swim.

Or use this beautiful linen towel as a tablecloth, throw or beach blanket.

Made in Finland.

Color: Linen/Olive.

Care: Machine wash warm water. No tumble dry.

Dimensions: 37"x 71"  or 95 cm x 180 cm