Marimekko Elokuun Varjot Acrylic Coated Placemat

$25.60 USD $32.00 USD

Collection: Spring 2022. 

Print: Maija Louekari.

Material: 100 % cotton-Acrylic-coated

Size: H 12" x W 17"

Color: Linen/Green.

Description: The cotton placemat has the a stain repellent acrylic finish on the top of the fabric. Thanks to the protective finish, it is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Maija Louekari drew inspiration for the 2020 Elokuun varjot (August shadows) print from her own wildish home garden. The designer is fascinated by the changing seasons of the North – the new beginnings and the abundant growth that follows, year after year. This pattern design is an ode to greenery, freedom and warm winds.