Marimekko Härkä Blanket

$171.00 USD $229.00 USD

Collection: Autumn/Winter 2022.

Print: Maija Isola. 

Material: 30% Recycled Cotton, 30% Cotton, 25% Recycled Wool, 15% Recycled Polyamide

Dimensions: 51" x 67"

Color: Charcoal/Brown/Linen.

Description: The Härkä pattern blanket is made of a cotton and wool blend. The warm blanket has fringes on the ends. This product is made of 25% recycled wool, 30% recycled cotton, and 15% recycled polyamide. Maija Isola’s output of more than 500 fabric prints is an inexhaustible treasure trove. The Härkä (bull) is one of her geometric designs from the 1960s in which we can see her exploring the constructivist movement that was rising in the Finnish art scene at the time.