Papu Bailee Illusion Dress

$89.00 USD $195.00 USD

Collection: Papu Summer 2022

Material: 100% Lyocell. 

Description: Women's light dress with a fabric belt. The dress is straight from the bodice, with deep slits on the sides. Round neckline, flowing 3/4 sleeves. Casual fit.

Print Illusion is painted with aquarelles. The misty surface doesn’t show us exactly what appears behind the curtain. Curved element clusters blend harmoniously into the background. The Monochrome print is easy to combine with

Color: Grey/Black. Print: Illusion.

Lyocell is a strong and durable fiber. When dry, it is the strongest cellulosic fiber – even stronger than cotton or linen! In the use, lyocell feels soft on the skin, is absorbent and remains fresh much longer than cotton – several wears are possible. That means fewer washings and that way saving water and energy.

We recommend washing the product before use because of a risk of excess dye discharge. Wash the product with clothes of the same color according to the washing instructions on the product.

Take a look into a measurement table to see the directional measurements of this item!

Size Medium Bust: 49.5"

Designed with love in Finland. Made with care in Lithuania.

Care: Machine wash warm, no tumble dryer. Shrinkage max 5%.

Sizing chart is in centimeters. 

Papu’s aesthetics and values stand for playful prints, timeless design, and conscious choices. Papu has a unique and identifiable hand print that paints the inspiring stories about nature, cities, and everything beautiful around us. The wild yet harmonious color palettes in each collection ensure that you can find interesting ways to combine different colors and styles or mix the garments together from collection to another!