Archetype Linen Midi Skirt Black

$79.00 USD $129.00 USD

Collection: Archetype Continuing Collection.

Material: 100% linen.

Description: The black linen midi skirt has a high waist. The skirt is fitted at the waist, falling beautifully and expanding towards the hem. The skirt has a zipper and a button for fastening in the side seam.

The skirt in size S waist is 27.5", size M 29.5", size L 32.3" and XL 35.5". The M size skirt length is 32". The model is US 6 wearing size S.

Sizing: normal sizing.

Care: Wash with gentle cycle and plenty of water. 

Made in Estonia.

 Archetype is a clothing label established in Helsinki in spring of 2020. 

Archetype is a collection of models and designs which transcend trends and seasons. It is the epistemology of slow fashion, featuring basic, utilitarian shapes which make for long-lasting wardrobe essentials.