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Cozy Publishing I am Santa Claus Book

$29.00 USD

Cozy Publishing is Helsinki based publishing company.

Description: What is Santa Claus’s favourite food? Does he have time for a holiday? Why does he always wear red?
I am Santa Claus takes its readers on a journey to Santa Claus’s special place, Korvatunturi. In the book, Santa Claus talks openly about his life, dreams and moments when he’s particularly happy. Stunning illustrations bring Lappish nature and the daily life of Santa Claus to life. I Am Santa Claus was written for all of us who believe in him. Come along!

Story: Heli Thorén
Illustrations: Silja-Maria Wihersaari
Layout Design: Viola Minerva Virtamo

Language : English

The book in your hands is not just a book, but something far more. It was made with love, without counting the hours. Feel the paper between your fingertips, stroke the covers.They, too, were created with meticulous attention to detail viewed up close and from afar, considering the colours and hues, making them resonate with you.We don’t think of books merely as books.The contents between the covers has an ability to open up new horizons and bring meaning to lives, while also adding a touch of beauty to your world. Our books yearn to be browsed, viewed and cherished. Instead of gathering dust in the far corner of the bookcase, their place is at the heart of what goes on in our lives. Meaningful stories and books are experiences. They exude a world of beauty, good living, delicious meals, breathtaking sceneries and insight that stops us in our tracks. The book in your hands is not just a book. It is a door to another world.

Welcome along dear friend – we hope you enjoy the journey.