Finlayson Elefantti Baby Blanket

$55.00 USD

Collection: Finlayson

Design: Elefantti design by Laina Koskela 1969.

Material: 100% Cotton.

Description: Elefantti is one of Finlayson’s most beloved classics. Created by Laina Koskela in 1969, this pattern is the result of a design competition organised by Finlayson and the Helsinki Industrial Arts School. Elefantti baby quilts are now available in a delightful multi-coloured pattern that brings to mind a rainbow. The quilt is 100% knitted cotton. The material is soft and smooth against sensitive skin.
The size of the quilt is 80 cm x 120 cm and it is just the right size for a baby’s nap. You can roll or fold the quilt to take it with you in a stroller and when you want to have a familiar comforting quilt for your baby on the go. As with our other textiles, we only use proven safe materials and manufacturing methods for our children’s textiles. The product has been granted the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certificate, indicating that the product does not contain harmful chemicals and is safe to use.

Care: Machine wash warm.

Dimensions: 31.5" x 47".

Finlayson Oy is Finnish textile manufacturer. The company was founded in 1820 when James Finlayson a Scottish engineer, established a cotton mill in  Tampere Finland. The company manufactures various interior textiles and sleep products under the brand names Finlayson and Familon. The company has stores and retailers in Finland, Russia, and the Baltic countries. Dedicated to bringing creativity, colour and high-quality to homes since 1820. Our mission is to create products that make your home feel more like you.