Lapuan Kankurit

Lapuan Kankurit Usva Tablecloth / Blanket

$104.30 USD $149.00 USD

Collection: Lapuan Kankurit.

Design: Anu Leinonen.

Material: 100% washed European Masters of linen -linen.

Description: Multi-use 100% washed linen tablecloth/blanket. This product is made out of 100% linen. Ecological flax is grown in Normandy, Europa and it is traceable 100% European Masters of Linen long staple linen yarn. All yarns are spun as well as dyed in Europe according to REACH regulations and fulfil the ÖKO-TEX certificate requirements.

Color: Linen/bordeaux.

Care: Machine wash wam water. No tumble dry.

Dimensions: 59"x 102" or 150 cm x 260 cm

Lapuan Kankurit, a textile company that has been around for over 100 years, produces some if Finland's highest quality products. From blankets to scarves, all products from Lapuan Kankurit incorporate the company's values of sustainability, respect for nature and transparency of production. If cared for and maintained, these products made from all natural materials can last for decades.