Marimekko Marikylä Poster

$30.40 USD $38.00 USD

Collection: Summer 2021.

Material: Paper.

Dimensions: 18.5" x 27.5"

Color: Multicolor.

Description: The Marikylä pattern is printed onto this high-quality 170 g/m² (238µm) uncoated matte paper. The poster is packed in the anniversary package. No frame included.

The Marikylä (Mari village) pattern depicts a village of love and happiness, where you can bump into your favorite horse lounging on a flower meadow or climb up a hill to have a bag lunch with friends. It is a place to go to, something to snuggle into, or someone to hug. Love, caring, being together and the right to be who you are. That’s what happiness is made of.