Marimekko Melooni Bathrobe

$199.00 USD

Collection: Summer 2022.

Print: Fujiwo Ishimoto.

Material: 100% Cotton.

Color: Grey/White/Yellow. 

Description: This kimono-style bathrobe in the Melooni pattern is made of cotton waffle. The gown is wrapped around the waist with a sewn-on belt, which is pulled through a slit in the side seam. The loose sleeves are dropped at the shoulders. A large, laid-back pattern of stylized natural forms, Melooni (melon) is one of the many designs in Maija Isola’s output of the 1960s that superbly captured the spirit of the times.

Care: Follow the washing temperature given (warm). Shrinkage max. 7%. Wash separately. Do not soak. Color may bleed. Tumble drying recommended.