Marita Huurinainen

Marita Huurinainen Maxi Kajastus Dress Coat Orange/Grey

$95.00 USD $185.00 USD

Collection: Spring 2021.

Material: 100 % woven cotton. Hand dyed in Nigeria.

Description: Loose style, 3/4 sleeves and buttons down. Side seam pockets. Every coat is unique due the hand coloring technique. Use it as a dress or a jacket. Woven cotton. Comes in two sizes. See below.

"We work with local artisans while working to support these women entrepreneurs in developing their own businesses. When you choose 100% art products, you are involved in empowering them and their village communities."

Product is hand colored. Because of the method  used every product is a unique one.

Care: Machine wash warm, hang dry. 

Made in EU.

Sizing: S: US XS,S,M   L: US L, XL, XXL.

About: Marita Huurinainen's philosophy is that one should not create anything wasteful into this world. The designs have to be lasting in both their style and material, so that they may remain in use for several years, a lifetime and more in the best case. “I design with my hands, my mind and my heart. It is very important to feel for the materials – they guide you in the process. The process of moulding the shape of an object is like creating a sculpture. I like to challenge the conventional shapes and materials, and to create something unexpected." The concept behind the work is very important. Whilst there is only a very fine line between art and design, an important feature of a product is functionality.