Spira of Sweden

Spira of Sweden Myllra Asphalt Tray

$74.00 USD

Material: Birch veneer.

Description: The Myllra pattern is inspired by late summer, variegated strawberry plantations and the vibrating time between when everything is in full bloom and when the plants give in and release their seeds by the wind. Tray Ø46 cm = 18.1". Spiras trays are finished using a piece of fabric. It gives the surface a textile structure and makes each tray unique since the position of the pattern may vary. The trays consist of several layers of birch veneer which is put together by hand. The fabric is added and pressed together using heat and pressure. Wash by hand.

Color: Asphalt.

Size: 18" (46 cm).

Handcrafted in Sweden.

Spira of Sweden began with a desire to bring colour, pleasure and attitude to people’s homes. Their concept is based on creation of a lasting, timeless collection to which we add new patterns every season. Their aim is to ensure that all Spira customers can create their own personal style by combining and matching patterns from a range of different collections.