Törmi Design Keinu Midi Earrings Red/Blue

$45.00 USD

Designer: Törmi Design

Material: Finnish Birch plywood and surgical steel.

Description: Playful "Swing" design earrings are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. Use them everyday or festive occasions. 
Color: Red/Blue/Black/White.
Dimensions: 2".
Handmade in Finland. Avoid contact with liquids. Store your jewelry in a dry place. Earrings come in a eco-friendly packaging.

Törmi Design creates colorful, playful and unique accessories for the fearless, brave and happy. Behind the brand is one woman, Mimmi Törmi who gets her inspiration from nature and everyday things like concrete walls, fallen box of cereal, pattern on a friends sweater and the shape of her teacup. It is important that products are ecological, ethical and the production happens close by. Material used for the jewelry is Finnish birch which makes the jewelry lightweight and easy to wear everyday.