Valona Tokka Black Earrings

$49.00 USD

Designer: Elina Mäntylä.

Description: The landscapes of Lapland and reindeer antlers found on mountain slopes like treasures have inspired the Tokka earrings and the entire Valona of North collection. The petite yet abundant design is a delicate homage to the soft curvature typical of a reindeer antler. With this design, Valona wishes to underline the significance of protecting vulnerable natural habitats as well as traditional livelihoods of the indigenous Sámi people in the Nordic. Tokka is the Sámi name for a herd of hundreds of reindeers. These earrings carry the ancient magic of the Northern fells in them.

The wooden antlers are sustainably sourced Finnish birch plywood, making the jewellery a perfect ecological gift. The earring hooks are sterling silver and the antlers hang from nickel-free metal chains. Available in shades of wood and black. These black Tokkas are hand-dyed carefully for the wood fibres to stand out beautifully from beneath the dark colour. The classic and minimalist colour of black adds a stylish touch to both simple and colourful outfits.

Jewellery measurements: Length from the hook is 2.2".

Color: Black.

Handmade in Finland.

Valona is a Finnish award-winning design company led by designer Elina Mantyla. Valona's style is minimalistic and elegant, yet stays true to its roots in the Nordic nature and traditions. Valona means "as light" in Finnish and most collections draw inspiration from various light phenomena. Valona's sustainable jewelry and home interior designs are produced from responsibly sourced Finnish birch plywood. Birch products are beautiful and feather light, but also very durable and functional.

By favouring domestic work we support local employment, and we can also be sure of working conditions and employee rights.

Valona - Nordic glow.