Papu Oblong Scarf Shine

$89.00 USD $85.00 USD

Collection: Spring 2024

Material: Knit - 100% Organic cotton

Description: Women's jacquard knitted long cotton scarf is made of organic cotton. 

Knit print Shine celebrates Tove Jansson's delicate brushwork and nuanced use of color are highlighted in beautiful way in the patterns. Tove Jansson's illustrations and stories have strong value beneath the surface.

Color: Green/Rose/Black/White

Size: 15.5" x 86.5"

Made in Lithuania.

Papu's collaboration with Moomin Characters continues with wonderful and unique Autumn Garden print which is adapted from Tove Jansson's Moomins and "Tales from Moominvalley" book's illustration. Papu has always admired not only Tove Jansson's distinctive illustrations, but also her stories, that have strong value base beneath the surface. Tove Jansson's work conveys courage, equality and pioneering spirit. In the picture Hemuli has inherited an empty and broken amusement park. By the end of the story illustration shows the amusement park decorated and "repaired" in a new way where all of the little creatures can come and play and find happiness. The motif of the Autumn Garden pattern wonderfully merges into a line-like surface. The black and light pink pattern is classic and harmonious and is easy to combine with other products.

Papu’s aesthetics and values stand for playful prints, timeless design, and conscious choices. Papu has a unique and identifiable hand print that paints the inspiring stories about nature, cities, and everything beautiful around us. The wild yet harmonious color palettes in each collection ensure that you can find interesting ways to combine different colors and styles or mix the garments together from collection to another!