Lovi Decor Star 15cm Cinnamon

$29.00 USD

Material: Birch plywood.

Description: Lovi Decor Star is the size of autumn 2023! 

The new size completes Lovi Decor Star selection. Like larger stars, Lovi Decor Star 15cm is available in cinnamon brown, translucent white and natural wood, but also in honey yellow.

The new size can not only be mount on the wall, but also hung on a branch of the Christmas tree and on window, or be used as a Christmas tree topper.

The shape of the Lovi Decor Star is traditional and filled with tried-and-true elements you’ve grown to know and love about Lovi products. The parts are joined together by our own patented Lovi joint. Carefully considered notches and cuts enable assembly without glue. This means you can take the product apart for storage if you wish.

Decorate the walls of your home with one or several Lovi Decor Stars, hang them in front of a window for everyone to see or send a lovely gift to a friend. 

Size: 5.9".

About: Lovi Ltd is a family-run company based in Northern Finland, Oulu. We produce flat packed 3D figures from birch plywood, designed and patented by Anne Paso. The whole production happens in our own little factory in Northern Finland. Lovi products are assembled by hands without any tools. The smallest Lovi products are envelope size and easy to send. Slotting cleverly together the beautiful Lovi shapes provide a sense of wonder as they take shape and come alive. All with the added, satisfaction of working with your hands. ”Lovi” means notch or slot in Finnish language - hence the name. Lovi Trees and Lovi Spruce Trees add a little magic to public spaces, offices, events, and private homes. The trees are flat-packed for easy shipping. They are easy to assemble without any tools, and store flat when not in use.