Aarikka Elf Kitaristi

$23.00 USD

Material: Wood.

Description: “Kitaristi", Leipuri (Baker) asked, “that string has been broken since midsummer. Why don’t you just change it?” Kitaristi (Guitarist) kept tapping on the body of the guitar, humming to itself. “Well, it would be easy. But the longer I wait, the better it feels to play with all the strings again”, Kitaristi replied. Leipuri looked at its friend and admitted that it may have a point. 

Kitaristi elf is made of wooden beads and wears a cap made of felt. The elf holds a guitar made of cut-to-shape, brown wood in its hand.

Handmade in Finland.

Color: Red.

Size: 3.5"

Aarikka is a family owned Finnish company with designs which are known for incorporating the nature of Finland along with cozy and joyful feelings. Crisp Scandinavian edges, round shapes and wood material are all notable characteristics of Aarikka pieces. Founded in 1954, Aarikka is an eco-friendly company that puts an emphasis on minimizing packaging, raw materials, and local Finnish manufacturing.