Aarre Owl Bath Poncho

$45.00 USD

Collection: Continuing Collection 2019.

Material: 90% organic cotton + 10% recycled polyester

Description: Owl print bath poncho is here again but now in longer version. Poncho is stitched below the armpits so it won’t turn and is easier to wear. Easy to grab and wear after a bath. It even has a hood so kids will love it! Easy gift as well. The model is 113cm tall and normally wears size 110/116cm. Our bath products are made from registered Loop Safe® quality where the loop of the terry won’t tear even if pulling. This makes our terry light, long lasting and fast-drying.

Color: White/Black.

Made in Portugal and designed in Finland.

About: Renewed Aarre wants to offer real treasures – those kind of garments that make you feel good, that you keep wanting to wear day after day. The word “aarre” is Finnish and means treasure. Their products are meant to be timeless and durable. Fast fashion is a curse word for us and we want our designs to have a purpose – not just something you wear twice and throw to trash.