Aarre Tanya Dress

$69.00 USD $99.00 USD

Collection: Aarre Spring 2021.

Material: 100% Supreme Green Cotton.

Description: Solid Navy color dress for women made from cotton jersey fabric.  Straight cut style, short sleeves and hem has slit on both sides  –  easy summer dress to wear with sandals or sneaker.

Color: Navy.

Care: Machine wash warm, no tumble dryer. Shrinkage max 5%.

Made in Portugal.

About: Renewed Aarre wants to offer real treasures – those kind of garments that make you feel good, that you keep wanting to wear day after day. The word “aarre” is Finnish and means treasure. Their products are meant to be timeless and durable. Fast fashion is a curse word for us and we want our designs to have a purpose – not just something you wear twice and throw to trash.