Anno Loimu Oven Mitt

$15.00 USD

Collection: Anno

Material: 100% Cotton.

Color: Natural White/Black

Description: A timeless classic plaid pattern for your kitchen, which can also be a part of the kitchen's casual and stylish decor. The oven mitt has padding inside and carries the CE marking. Loimu oven glove size is 15x30 cm.

Size: 6" x 12"

Manufactured according to the Oeko-Tex standard. Oeko-Tex is an independent certification system guaranteeing that the products are free from harmful levels of pesticide, heavy metal and formaldehyde residues.

About:  Anno is a Finnish brand continuously seeking sustainable ways of producing timeless items using mainly wool, linen, organic cotton and GRS-certified recycled materials. Anno team is located in Helsinki where we design carefully considered products to be used in everyday life. What we value the most is the effortless feel of our products. We are passionate about working with genuine and simple natural materials that feel good to live with. They offer a wide range of home essentials made from responsible materials; their designs draw inspiration from our Nordic heritage.