Finlayson Kukkaketo Napkin

$11.00 USD $16.50 USD

Collection: Finlayson

Print: Timo Sarpaneva.

Material: 70% COTTON/30% LINEN.

Color: White/Pink/Aqua.


colors glowing with digital printing

varied, unique imagery

Part of the Ambiente collection

"When I don't have a driver's license, as a passenger I've had time to look around in a moving car. The floral splendor, meadows and fields of the roadsides lose their details at a rapid pace, and the landscapes are drawn as a field of colors. The floral keto fabric was printed by breaking the colors directed to the weight waltz with compressed air into small droplets. This allowed me to capture on the canvas the splendor of the colors of the meadows and roadsides. " Timo Sarpaneva

The Kukkaketo napkins, which depict the splendor of meadow flowers, are part of the Ambiente home textile collection created on the basis of the fabric patterns of the largest industrial designer of our time, Timo Sarpaneva. Sarpaneva painted the original Kukkaketo pattern, which depicts the splendor of meadow flowers, directly on canvas with a printing press. He developed a unique painting method together with printers through coincidences. The method began to be called the Ambiente technique. Canvases painted with this technique rose to great popularity and even today represent the top design of the 1960s and Finnish printing expertise at its best.

On napkins, the Kukkaketo pattern is printed using the digital printing method, in which the number of colors is unlimited. In this way, the deep colors of the patterns can be made to glow magnificently. Of the napkins, each piece is its own unique piece of the large Kukkaketo pattern. In terms of material, they are a cotton-linen blend woven into a thick and sturdy semi-panama. Naturally ecological linen brings a slightly rougher feel to the fabric. The fabric has a convenient easy care treatment to make it easier to smooth the cloth after washing. With unique fabric napkins, you get a beautifully vibrant and luxurious table setting. Combine the napkins with the Kukkaketo tablecloth and monochromatic dishes and the most glowing table setting of the summer is ready.

The napkins have a STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certificate, which indicates that the product does not contain harmful chemicals and is safe for its user.

The story of the Ambiente technique: The unique painting method was born by chance, when the printing press used to print paper went out of order, unruly broadening the colors on a sheet of paper at the Rosenlew paper mill in Pori. Timo Sarpaneva, the greatest industrial designer and artist of our time, who supervised the printing work, was not frightened, but saw an opportunity in the error: "If something arises naturally, it should be studied more closely" He began to develop the technique with the help of printing professionals from Tampere. Later, the technology was utilized in industrial production not only in paper printing, but also in the textile and clothing industry. The seemingly free-form printing patterns were carefully controlled. "I used a large dyeing machine to paint landscapes and recollections on canvas," said Sarpaneva years later.

Care: Machine wash hot, tumble dry. Wash with the same shade in loose water. Shrinks max 6%.

Dimensions: 17.7" L x 17.7" W or 45 x 45 cm

Finlayson Oy is Finnish textile manufacturer. The company was founded in 1820 when James Finlayson a Scottish engineer, established a cotton mill in Tampere Finland. The company manufactures various interior textiles and sleep products under the brand names Finlayson and Familon. The company has stores and retailers in Finland, Russia, and the Baltic countries. Dedicated to bringing creativity, colour and high-quality to homes since 1820. Our mission is to create products that make your home feel more like you.