Finlayson Leinikki Tunic

$59.00 USD $79.00 USD

Collection: Finlayson.

Material: 100% Lenzing™ EcoVero™ viscose

Color: Blue/Lilac/Green.


  • 100% more environmentally friendly Lenzing™ EcoVero™ viscose
  • All-patterned
  • Multipurpose and easy to care for
  • Calculated shoulder line
  • Small collar, hidden button strip
  • Front breast pockets, sides pockets
  • Rounded, with a longer hem at the back
  • On the back of the fold

The Leinikki tunic with small flowers is so pretty and comfortable that it cannot be forgotten in the back of your wardrobe. The beautiful pattern of the tunic makes dormant dreams burst into full bloom. The green-based Leinikki tunic has a small collar, a lowered shoulder line and a hidden button strip. There is no squeaking in the pockets: there are breast pockets sewn on the front and pockets on the sides. The rounded hem of the tunic is slightly longer at the back. On the back there is a fold for extra clearance.

The buttercup tunic bends into many forms. Use it as a buttoned-down dress or buttons casually unbuttoned as a shirt dress. The tunic is an easy-care EcoVero viscose that doesn't need much ironing. Wash, shape the garment wet to its dimensions and hang on a hanger to dry. Also check out the other clothes in the Leinikki series. The pattern is not aligned, so each Leinikki tunic is unique.

Care: Follow Washing Instructions.

Sizing: The rear length of the tunic is 78 cm (30.7") in size S/36. The model is 179cm (5'10") tall. 

Bust M: 54”

Finlayson Oy is Finnish textile manufacturer. The company was founded in 1820 when James Finlayson a Scottish engineer, established a cotton mill in Tampere Finland. The company manufactures various interior textiles and sleep products under the brand names Finlayson and Familon. The company has stores and retailers in Finland, Russia, and the Baltic countries. Dedicated to bringing creativity, colour and high-quality to homes since 1820. Our mission is to create products that make your home feel more like you.