Finlayson Punos Apron

$20.00 USD $35.00 USD

Collection: Finlayson

Print: Osmi Koskinen.

Description: Protect your clothes with an attractive apron that feels nice and looks smart.

The calm, geometric Punos arc pattern by designer Osmi Koskinen stands the test of time. The Punos apron is made of 100% rib weave cotton, which is firm and fairly thick. You can easily adjust the apron with the neck strap and the side straps tied at the back. The apron has three front pockets. The handy Easy Care treatment makes the fabric easier to iron after washing.

The apron has been granted the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certificate, indicating that the product does not contain harmful chemicals and is safe to use.


Material: 100% cotton.

Care: Machine wash hot, hang-dry. 

Dimensions: 27.5" x 33.5"