Finlayson Vellamon Maa Pillow Cover

$29.00 USD $45.00 USD

Collection: Finlayson

Designer: Timo Sarpaneva

Material: 100% polyester.

Description: Designer Timo Sarpaneva painted the original pattern that depicted the underwater kingdom directly on the fabric with a printing machine. He and his pressmen developed the unique painting technique by chance. The method become known as the Ambiente technique. Fabrics printed with this technique became hugely popular, and they continue to be one of the best examples of 1960s design and Finnish printing expertise.

The front is patterned, thick and soft velvet and the back is solid green color. Zipper.

Color: Green.

Vellamon maa cushion covers are part of Finlayson’s Ambiente home textile collection, which is based on the printed fabrics created by Timo Sarpaneva, one of the greatest industrial designers of our time. The Ambiente home textiles are printed with the exceptionally precise digital printing technique that makes the originally vibrant colours come to life. Add some vibrant colour and velvety smoothness to your home with these large cushion covers.

Care: Machine wash warm, tumble dry.

Dimensions: 20" x 20".

Finlayson Oy is Finnish textile manufacturer. The company was founded in 1820 when James Finlayson a Scottish engineer, established a cotton mill in  Tampere Finland. The company manufactures various interior textiles and sleep products under the brand names Finlayson and Familon. The company has stores and retailers in Finland, Russia, and the Baltic countries. Dedicated to bringing creativity, colour and high-quality to homes since 1820. Our mission is to create products that make your home feel more like you.