globe hope

Globe Hope Routa Toiletry Bag

$21.00 USD $39.00 USD

Material: Second rate sail, recycled pressed leather

Description: ROUTA SAIL toiletry bag is made of second rate sail. Material is dirt and water repellent and therefore it is easy choice as a toiletry bag. ROUTA is spacious and practical toiletry bag that keeps all the most important things neatly stored.

Color: White.

Dimensions: 7.5" x 4.7" x 4.7"

  • Material is sorted and cleaned in Finland, Made in Estonia.

    Globe Hope was launched in 2003 by Seija Lukkala, the pioneer in circular economy in Finland. Ever since, they have created every product out of existing raw materials; leftovers, waste, recycled, upcycled - you name it.

    Core idea is based on their respect for the planet and its precious resources. They have a strong belief that it is for us to design a way out of the mess we have created. They are here to create a better option. An alternative that requires no new raw materials.

    They believe there is hope (for our globe). Simple as that.