globe hope

Globe Hope Tyrsky Bag

$127.00 USD $159.00 USD

Description: TYRSKY shoulder bag is made of surplus cotton fabric. This black shoulder bag is spacious and durable. The bag strap made of a recycled seat belt, is adjustable and detachable. For added practicality, the bag has pockets on the front and insid

Color: Black.

Dimensions: 15.3" x 14" x 3.1"

  • Material is sorted and cleaned in Finland, Made in Estonia.

  • Globe Hope was launched in 2003 by Seija Lukkala, the pioneer in circular economy in Finland. Ever since, they have created every product out of existing raw materials; leftovers, waste, recycled, upcycled - you name it.

    Core idea is based on their respect for the planet and its precious resources. They have a strong belief that it is for us to design a way out of the mess we have created. They are here to create a better option. An alternative that requires no new raw materials.

    They believe there is hope (for our globe). Simple as that.