Lapuan Kankurit

Lapuan Kankurit Kaamos Black Wool Blanket

$129.00 USD

Collection: Lapuan Kankurit.

Design: Hanna Galtat

Color: Black/White

Dimensions: 39"x 59" or 100 x 150cm

Material: 100% Pure New Wool.

Description: This lovely, soft and warm blanket was designed by Hanna Galtat. Hanna’s cooperation with Lapuan Kankurit began with the Aalto University's PatternLab project. Designed during the project, the KAAMOS blanket was inspired by the daily cycle of light and darkness.

KAAMOS-blanket contains local Finnsheep wool. This blanket is woven in our own weaving mill and finished in our new finishing mill in Lapua.

This product is woven and finished in Lapua from wool yarn spun from locally sourced Finnsheep fibre, mixed fibre and certified Wool Integrity NZ fibre. The warp used is South American wool fibre spun in Europe.

Care: Only wash if textile is very dirty, otherwise take textile outdoors in fresh air for a while. Hand wash at max. 30°C or dry clean. 

Dimensions: 39"x 59" or 100 x 150cm