Lapuan Kankurit

Lapuan Kankurit Merihaka Linen Shirt

$149.00 USD

Designer: Samu-Jussi Koski

Material: 100% washed linen.

Description: Relaxed Merihaka shirt is timeless choice for your wardrobe. It has long wide sleeves and it's made of soft washed linen.

Samu-Jussi Koski is an awarded Finnish fashion designer, whose career highlights include working as the Creative Director of Marimekko and founding of his own company, Samuji. Samu-Jussi fell in love with fashion at a young age, and throughout the years has come to appreciate it from a more sustainable, lasting perspective. His interests lie in creating beautiful, functional items that stand the test of time through both their design and quality. Samu-Jussi finds inexhaustible inspiration in discovery, and his boundless curiosity for new things empowers him to explore new avenues fearlessly.

Color: Ivory/Brown/Blue

Size: chest, shoulder + sleeve, body length

S: 116 cm, 62,5 cm, 65 cm or 45.5", 24.5", 25.5"

M: 122 cm, 64 cm, 67 cm  or 48", 25", 26"

L: 128 cm, 65,5 cm, 69 cm or 50", 25.7", 27"

XL: 134 cm, 67 cm, 71 cm  or 52.5", 26" 28"

Country of Origin: Finland.

Care Instructions: Machine wash, warm water.

Lapuan Kankurit, a textile company that has been around for over 100 years, produces some if Finland's highest quality products. From blankets to scarves, all products from Lapuan Kankurit incorporate the company's values of sustainability, respect for nature and transparency of production. If cared for and maintained, these products made from all natural materials can last for decades.