Lovi Elf Girl 12cm Dark Red

$14.00 USD

Material: Birch plywood.

Description: Lovi Elf Girl ’s braids swoosh in the wind and the heels of her shoes are clopping eagerly as it skitters to new adventures. In the winter blizzards, this brisk little girl stays warm when the hat is pressed tightly on her head and the dress is well buttoned.

When spring comes, girl elf dresses in light green. It settles in the woods, enjoys the singing of birds and the purl of a stem. As Christmas approaches, the outfit changes to red again.

Lovi Elf Girl is the perfect companion for the Lovi Elf. Place these two to sit together on the mantel to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, keep an eye on the preparations progress from the windowsill, or accompany the darkening evenings into the nursery. Send little girl elf to surprise your friends or order a lovely little detail for your own Christmas decor. You can also put together a hilarious group of different sizes and colors of Lovi elves.

Size: 4.7".

About: Lovi Ltd is a family-run company based in Northern Finland, Oulu. We produce flat packed 3D figures from birch plywood, designed and patented by Anne Paso. The whole production happens in our own little factory in Northern Finland. Lovi products are assembled by hands without any tools. The smallest Lovi products are envelope size and easy to send. Slotting cleverly together the beautiful Lovi shapes provide a sense of wonder as they take shape and come alive. All with the added, satisfaction of working with your hands. ”Lovi” means notch or slot in Finnish language - hence the name. Lovi Trees and Lovi Spruce Trees add a little magic to public spaces, offices, events, and private homes. The trees are flat-packed for easy shipping. They are easy to assemble without any tools, and store flat when not in use.