Marimekko Carrier Midi Unikko Bag

$125.00 USD

Collection: Pre Fall 2023

Material: Main material 100% polyamide. 100% polyester and 100 % leather.

Dimensions:  7" x 5" x 7".

Color: Red/Light Pink

Description: The Carrier Midi tote bag is made of an unbleached cotton and linen blend, and it features the large Unikko pattern flower, which is printed in Helsinki. The "Unikko 60th anniversary" printed cotton straps run along the sides of the bag to form the handles.

This product contains 46% recycled cotton and 21% recycled linen.

This product celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Unikko pattern.

Unikko, symbolizing creativity, was born in a time when hardly any floral designs were included in Marimekko’s collections. Maija Isola, however, was fascinated by the theme of flowers and decided to create an entire range of novel floral prints.