Marimekko Kalasääski Showercurtain

$155.00 USD

Collection: Pre Fall 2024

Print: Maija Isola

Material: 100% Polyester. 

Size: Length 79",  Width 71".

Color: Dark Blue / Off White.

Description: The Kalasääski pattern shower curtain is made of recycled polyester. The shower curtain can be hung with shower hooks from the 12 small metal rings at the top edge. The curtain has a weighted bottom edge. The shower hooks are not included.

Stripes have always been an integral part of the world of Marimekko patterns. Kalasääski (osprey), a vivid freehand pattern of vertical and diagonal stripes, is one of the innumerable striped designs created for Marimekko by Maija Isola.

Care Instructions: Rinse the curtain after every shower and spread out to dry. Follow the washing temperature given. Wash separately. Ironing after wash activates water repellency.