Marimekko Ukkospilvi Cushion Cover

$37.60 USD $47.00 USD

Collection: Spring 2023.

Print: Fujiwo Ishimoto.

Material: 100% Cotton.

Dimensions: 20" x 20"

Color: Peach/Red.

Description: The Ukkospilvi pattern cushion cover is made of heavyweight upholstery cotton, which is printed in Helsinki. The cover has a zipper on one side.

Our cushion covers are sewn using the whole width of the fabric, and therefore their appearance may vary. Each item is unique.

Painted with relaxed brushstrokes, Ukkospilvi (thundercloud) is a geometric grid rhythm that predicts a change in the weather. A master of many different styles and techniques, Fujiwo Ishimoto created countless hit designs for Marimekko over a period of four decades.