Ratia x Samu-Jussi Linen Ilmatar Pioni Green Dress

$229.00 USD

Collection: Ratia x Samu-Jussi Koski

Material: 100% Linen.

Description: Classic style A-line linen dress.  3/4 Sleeves and side-seam pockets with relaxed look. Can be enjoyed in all seasons for timeless look.

Color: Brown/Green.

Sizing: S: Bust: 40" M: Bust 42" L: Bust 44" XL Bust 46" XXL 48"

Length 48".

Washing instructions: Warm water, no tumble drying recommended, warm iron.

Made in Portugal.

About: The Ratia x Samu-Jussi collection draws its inspiration from the timeless beauty of the Finnish natural world. Instead of following arbitrary fashion trends, Samu-Jussi prioritizes quality and classic design in their pieces, crafted in Portugal and designed in Finland.