Valona Halo Max Bracelet

$48.00 USD

Designer: Elina Mäntylä.

Description: The Halo max bracelet is the epitome of quality zero-waste design. Its graphic rings are cut from nested pieces that leave minimal waste material behind after the cutting process. By following zero waste principles all the way from the design board to production, Valona strives to minimise its impact on the natural environment.

The Halo max bracelet is comprised of different sized and coloured rings that together create a classy yet modern look. The colour alternations of untreated wood and black make the bracelet especially interesting and unique. The black rings are hand-dyed for the wood fibres to stand out beautifully from beneath the dark colour. The bracelet is 100% sustainably sourced birch wood, including its locking mechanism. What makes the bracelet unique is that you can adjust it to just the right size for yourself by adding or removing rings.

Named after the light phenomenon, the Halo max bracelet is the newest addition to the award-winning Halo collection. The Halo collection won the Finnish handicraft novelty product competition in 2016 and the international FORM # 2018 design award in Frankfurt.

Length: 9.8" or 25 cm.

Colors: Black/Wood and Black.

Handmade in Finland.

Valona is a Finnish award-winning design company led by designer Elina Mantyla. Valona's style is minimalistic and elegant, yet stays true to its roots in the Nordic nature and traditions. Valona means "as light" in Finnish and most collections draw inspiration from various light phenomena. Valona's sustainable jewelry and home interior designs are produced from responsibly sourced Finnish birch plywood. Birch products are beautiful and feather light, but also very durable and functional.

By favouring domestic work we support local employment, and we can also be sure of working conditions and employee rights.

Valona - Nordic glow.